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MN registration ranting

So according to what I can find online, the State of Minnesota is willing to take the word of a registered voter in my district as proof positive that I am a resident of the district. Such a statement is in fact all the proof I need to vote. However, without a Minnesota Driver's license (or a US Passport), they are unwilling to accept such things as, say, a residential lease or utility bill as proof that I live where I do.

So, apparently, if you have a Minnesota resident who's willing to be a little crooked, it is entirely plausible that someone like, say, an illegal immigrat could be allowed to vote. However, should you be a new resident who has not bothered to get unnecessary state documents, but who can prove both residency and their identity, it's a no go. That'sa good message to send.

This is infuriating. Without access to a fax machine, or my own passport, I have to go get a goddamn driver's license if I want to vote. This not only is going to take time, and possibly quite a bit of time at that, this going to take money. It feels like a poll tax.

I guess the other option is to ask my building manager when he's going to vote, since he's about the only person who could really vouch for me.

I generally am in favor of bureaucracy, but this is ridiculous. This is a hindrance to the democratic process, when an eligable voter who has even taken effort to understand the political issues and candidates is prevented from voting for no good reason at all.


EDIT: I attempted, in vain, to obtain a valid state driver's license for the purpose of voting. There's a station within walking distance of my apartment, and since it's still early the line was very short. I took the test, pulled out my old ID, etc. However, I was to be undone yet again because of my lack of a passport or birth certificate. Apparently, the states do not trust one another to have checked for these things, and therefor possession of an old ID somehow doesn't validate your identity.

Final Edit, and synopsis: I was ultimately unsuccessful in my voting endeavor. As it turned out, I really would have only had the opportunity to vote in one close election anyway (Governor's race, which as of 4 AM Wednesday isn't technically finished yet, although the Republican incumbent has a commanding lead). However, through my participation in the political process, I learned n awful lot about Minnesota politics, which has been something that I have consciously wanted to know more about. So It was by no means a total loss.

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