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Yesterday was a good day

I got up at 5 to be at work by six, but was feeling fine all day. Work on Saturdays is easy, it was mostly dealing with traffic for the Minnesota game going on at the Metrodome.

After work, believe it or not, I went a bar in order to watch the Ohio State/Michigan game. It was a kind of squeezy bar, but it had a nice dining area which had a big flatscreen, so I sat there. To my surprise, the main fare offered was vietnamese food, which was quite tasty and rather cheap (cheaper than ordering any of there American fare, certainly). The game was exciting as well, and I enjoyed watching it.

After that, I walked home and then headed over for roleplaying with my regular group. Last night had me nervous, because the GM was having to interpret a culture I had created. He did a remarkable job, innovating some stuff that I hadn't anticipated (but basically fit with a coherent mental picture of the tribe). He did probably go a bit easy on two of the PCs though, they got off way too easy for trespassing on sacred ground (especially for foreigners).

Still, all in all the best day I've had in a long time.

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