darkskywatcher (darkskywatcher) wrote,

Another day...another bunch of notes

I am getting onto the nocturnal schedule again, which will play havoc with my weekends but is really necessary for me to do my job. At least now I have a real weekend, with friday and saturday nights off.

Since I haven't mentioned it yet, I'm running Exalted now, for three players from a previous group. It's going well, I think, and now (3 sessions in) I finally have something resembling a plot. Hurrah. On the other hand, the other campaign ended, which means I'm just GMing right now. Hopefully that will change pretty soon, though.

Going to see Jeff this weekend! It should be awesome, because Jeff is awesome.

For those of you more experienced with apartments/moing than I: how soon should I start looking for roommates before I have to/want to move? Right now I haven't started, and my lease expires at the end of May.

Part of that nocturnal cycle means it's nap time right now, and the sky is complying by making it nice and cloudy. So off for a nap I go.
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