darkskywatcher (darkskywatcher) wrote,

an Update, since it seems like a good idea.

My life continues in it's happy aimlessness. I work fulltime, and job is not only rather easy, has recently developed a tendency to shower me with free things like bags of cookies and orange juice. There's talk that things are changing around here, but I am pretty confident that not much of it will affect me because of my nocturnal schedule. I have also arrogantly concluded that getting rid of me would be way too costly for anyone to try right now.

Granted, I could probably be making more money, but I am making enough to meet my immediate expenses, which is mostly what I care about.

I am now looking for a new apartment. At least so far, I really have not been at all intimidated by doing so, despite the huge problems I have had getting myself to search for jobs. Granted, here I have a much better idea of what I want and am not under immediate pressure. I am looking at a place tomorrow, and I've sent several more emails to others just tonight.

Last week, I happened to catch the documentary "Super Sizer Me" which was, for whatever reason, showing on MSNBC in the wee hours of the morning. I thought it was interesting, and reinforced the idea of eating healthy generally. I also thought that he pressed the industry lobbyists a little hard to admit they were in the wrong: it would have been a powerful enough statement just showing what so much fast food did to him.

I spent my Saturday this week following along with the NFL draft online. It was extremely fun, I think most of you would be surprised how much I've rediscovered and reinforced my love for football.

Gotta go walk around. Cheers.

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