darkskywatcher (darkskywatcher) wrote,

The weekend was fun, but that's not what I am here to talk about

Instead, I'm going to bitch about my potential new landlord.

Or, perhaps more accurately, my lack of a potential new landlord. We had a meeting today at 2 at her office. She wasn't there. The only other guy there called her twice, with no response. I filled out an application, then waited until 2:30, at which point the other broker arranged contact info so we could try again later.

Premises (this is only in pseudo-logical form because I am too tired to do the real thing):
1. We scheduled this meeting last Thursday. In fact, she suggested the time slot.
2. As I called her and left my phone number, a call to tell me she was running later-or couldn't make it-would have been nice. No call.
3. I got up early to go to this meeting. By which I mean, got up at 8AM and drove here from Madison while increasingly affected by my sleep deprivation.
1. She isn't worth my respect.
2. If I can make her feel guilty about it, she just gave me an extremely powerful weapon for any negotiations we have in the future.

And now, sleep.

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