darkskywatcher (darkskywatcher) wrote,

This last while since I posted had some notable events, so I am going to talk about them a bit.

There was a day of hellish road construction (and then baseball traffic! I'm considering installing a cowcather on the front of my car for these situations), and other empolyees whining at me to come in early for them with only an hour's notice (didn't happen).

I finally went and got a driver's license for Minnesota. Or at least, I jumped through the hoops like a clever monkey, and one of these days my reward may arrive via mail. In the meantime, I still my old one, and a yellowing receipt in my glove compartment.

This thursday was very different, as it was CPR training day. I got there late because I got mixed up about bus transfers, and had an...interesting walk through a part of soutern Minneapolis that waslargely spanish speaking, at least as far as billboards go. But I made it eventually, and as it was only the trainer and another guy I work with, they were chill about the half hour delay.

I've never actually had CPR training before, albeit I did have training for conscious choking at one point, and mmost of what I learned then as still applicable. But DAMN, are chest compressions hard to do, much less do quickly, even on a dummy. Also, of course, there is the fact that the dummy makes a very distinct clicking sound when you push down hard enough. This is there because the sound indicates the point at which an adolescent's ribs crack. Scary stuff.

Of course, there's also the plain and simple truth that it is unlikely to ever come up in my current position. There are very few people here at night, and if something does happen to one of them, it is highly unlikely that I am going to find them before it's too late. Still, it was worth learning, and the guy certainly knew his stuff.

Training ended early, and I spent several hours wandering around the heart of downtwon Minneapolis. It was interesting, and I certainly hadn't expected to see fruit and vegetable vendors set up on Nicollet Mall, but there they were. Also, I got a better sense than I think I have ever had for the scope of the Starbucks invasion. It was unnerving, they were freakin' everywhere.

At 5:30 I headed for a local Irish bar for a meeting of the local Beloit alumni group. It was a bit strange, because I was the only recent graduate who had come alone. While I had individually good conversations with people that approached me, the group quickly devolved into small knots of conversing people who knew each other, which left me pretty clearly on the outside. Also, maybe it was just the particular people that approached me(and also discounting members of the most recent classes, because I feel it is a bit soon to tell on them), but I got something of the sense that I was more or less talking to the semi-losers of Beloit College. Those who hadn't completely lost there way, but had not necessarily lived up to their potential. While I certainly seem to be heading in something of that direction, I'm not certain that is a good atmosphere for a social group.

Friday I bought NCAA 08 for my PS2, which neatly consumed most of the day combined with breaks for re-reading of good bits from the most recent Potter book.

Saturday involved more NCAA 08, while waiting for Book 7 to arrive. It did abouty 3 PM, and I finished it (reading at work, of course), about 7:30 this morning. Terribly geeky, yes, but when have I ever been otherwise? That's all I want to say about the book here, though I'm sure I can write plenty of long, boring entries devoted to it if I work up the energy.

Of course, doing so contributed to my inability to sleep this morning (a noisy dishwasher is still the cheif culprit), which mader me cancel running my game. I was at a loss anyway, so I've bought myself more time to think.

Take care, everyone.

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