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I'm not dead!

But upon arriving home, I discovered that the open wireless network I'd been pirating for a month had dissappeared, and it took me this long to get connected to our own router. It also has issues, so my connection is fuzzy. But it's better than nothing.

My trip was fabulous, and writing about it in any detail would take more energy than I possess right now. Thanks to the friends I visited for a wonderful time, and apologies to end that I missed.

Since getting home, I've been immersed in my "new" job. Since I'm changing the security company I work for, I've had to go through their training program. The program, of course, evaluates itself based on how long someone spends talking to you about a variety of general subjects related to being a security guard. However, I already am very good at my job and didn't really need this, so I've spent the past week mostly being bored out of my skull in a classroom. I don't think I've doodled that much since high school.

Other than that, I've been a bit lonely. My gaming groups are basically on hiatus all month because of conflicts, and my enforced isolation from the internet didn't help. That I went from several weeks of being very social to several days of near-total isolation probably also contributed. Need to make more friends in the cities, which means I should probably do something with my off time other than watch football and play video games. But I think those are going to be tough habits to break.

uhh.....can't think of anything else to say now. Take care!

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