darkskywatcher (darkskywatcher) wrote,

Yep, about time I updated again. It has only been what, a month?

Life pretty much continues as it has the rest of the year. I still work in the same building, on the night shift. It's a worse shift now because I actually have to spend an hour in the morning dealing with the general public, but still the best there is here.

I spent Thanksgiving with Jeff's family, which was wonderful. So much better than another year with just me and my parents. I also played some of my best ultimate ever, leading me to hypothesize that my ability to catch is enhanced by freezing temperatures.

I like winter generally, and I'll be happy once we get a nice thick blanket of snow on the ground. Unfortunately, my bedroom these days has five windows and an exterior door. I may need to invest in more long underwear and thicker socks, because right now it's uncomfortable just hanging out in there (which I do for a substantial portion of most weekdays).

I love college football. And I'm glad there is only one more weekend this year where I have to choose between roleplaying and football. Roleplaying won with promises of baklava and a new game.

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